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Welcome to CampVillage network in Montenegro. We are nature lovers united in showing great Montenegrian hospitality

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We are people who decided to promote and develop our rural and countryside

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Some of us invest in local communities, solve problems and improve life in rural parts of Montenegro

We love nature

All of us are dedicated in preserving nature and the natural habitat

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We have partners in all parts of Montenegro. You love sea or mountains? We have place for you!

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Monastery Ostrog: Place you need to visit while in Montenegro

Ostrog Monastery is one of Montenegro’s most famous and popular destinations. It’s a spectacular-looking white stone building set right into the cliffs, way up high on Ostrog Mountain. The monastery is believed to have spiritual powers, thus making it a major pilgrimage site for the pious.     What to see in the monastery? Where…

Cold-Weather Camping Tips to Keep You Warm and Safe

Cold weather camping equipment includes completely different elements from those used for summer and fine weather camping. So it is not surprising that a well-known question is increasingly being heard in the camping community: How do I get equipped for camping in cold weather? Every camper “iced” at least once during camping until he learned…


Believe it or not, there are four skills you need to know, that are quite sufficient, for a person to live out of the city, in the woods, in the jungle, in the desert … In fact anywhere. All other knowledge in life is fun, a hobby, an interest, a job or it turns out…

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